Testing your site

Upon completion, your site will be tested using a variety of different browsers and different versions of browsers. We will also test your site on a variety of operating systems using different hardware and screen resolutions.

Why do this? Because, unfortunately, browsers do not react in a uniform way to the same page. What looks fine on one system may not display properly on another.

Developing pages that conform to the standards set out by the World Wide Web Consortium helps considerably. By conforming to these standards not only will your page display better across a variety of browsers but the costs of developing your site will be reduced. softcoded guarantees that every page we develop will conform to these standards.

Browsers tested:

Operating SystemBrowserVersion
Linux/Mac OS X/Windows XP/VistaFirefox2.0 +
Mac OS XSafari3 +
LinuxKonqueror4.3.2 +
Windows XP/VistaIE6 +