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about us

our web design philosophy

softcoded believes that a web site should be easy to keep up-to-date and easy to alter. Business needs on the web change regularly and so should a web site if it is to be an effective internet business tool.

effective web site design examples

For instance, suppose you run a music school and want the home page to always display the start-date for the next session. This can be done by using a database and effective web design techniques. If all the session start-dates for the year are stored in a database, the home page can be kept current for the entire year without further user intervention. Each time the web page is opened, a simple query selects the date closest to but greater than the current date.

sustainable web design

A sustainable site is one that lends itself to easy web design changes. This is done by separating the presentation from the content of a web site. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend that our clients incorporate a database into their web site design.

For a more detailed and technical discussion of these web design issues see the articles written by one of our web design experts or search this site.

who we are

softcoded is a Toronto-based web design and development firm. The pages we create comply with industry standards - allowing us to offer a quality product that is easy to maintain. This includes ecommerce sites, database-driven sites and custom web development. We believe that a quality web site can be created for a reasonable price.

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