*adjective, easily modified or changed; opposite of hardcoded

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Click on the images below to see examples of sites created by softcoded.

Conway Davis Gryski

Business site with dynamic pages created using PHP and MySQL. The XHTML and CSS are W3C compliant. Incorporates a custom Content Management System.

Sun Printers History

Complies with XHTML 1.0 standard. Client-side scripts improve download times for dial-up surfers. Unique custom solution for website updates.

Elaine Robertson

Professional site using PHP. Downloads managed using PHP. Concert schedule dynamically created from database allowing client to do maintenance.

Sea Garden

Uses JavaScript for animation and pop-up menus. Implements PayPal ecommerce solution for file downloads.

Barons Inc.

Created graphics for the site. Customized a phpBB forum and created dynamic links to most recent posts.

points to consider:

  • Logo  Smart use of your logo enhances visibility and identity and can play a strong role in repeat business.
  • Colours  A carefully chosen and well-used set of colours gives consistency to a site and aids navigation.
  • Images  Images should be sized for typical screen resolutions.
  • Layout  Reading a web page is not like reading a book. Layout should reflect this and make use of the medium's flexibility.

softcoded believes that a simple, uncluttered look creates a website with lasting impact.

Web pages offer numerous advantages over other media. "Hotspots" allow for easy navigation to other pages. Sites can be made interactive by using mouseover effects. However, there are also some design constraints. For example, to get maximum benefit from your site, accessibile and easy navigation is very important. This may restrict the placement of hyperlinks.

For reasons such as this, a proper understanding of the medium is essential, especially at the design stage.