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DocBook for Writers

This book is an introduction to DocBook aimed at technical writers rather than developers. It explains how to use and install the DocBook schema and transformation files and it identifies the tools required to write, transform and validate DocBook. Instructions are provided for doing this on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Customized transformation style sheets are provided for creating HTML, PDF and EPUB 3 output. Converting DocBook to and from other document formats is also covered, including conversion to Microsoft Word Open XML Document.

Use this book to:

  • Create a variety of document formats from a single source—HTML, EPUB, Kindle and PDF to name a few.

  • Integrate dynamic PHP pages with your documentation.

  • Separate the structure and the presentation of a document.

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To download the scripts associated with this book see the right sidebar.

downloads for "DocBook for Writers"

DocBook for Writers

Click db_for_writers.zip to download the scripts and configuration files used in "DocBook for Writers".

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